Wednesday, November 18, 2009

De Vine Dining

I have been searching High and Low for a cool Dining Room set up. My problem is that I just like to many different styles. :) A Chandelier of some sort is a given.

But I am leaning more towards a Chunky Wood Table, that my husband Jim will build.

Then for chairs... I really really love upholstered Chairs. I want them to be white. I know I know white with kids is crazy but I want them. :) Jim not so much. Although I think I can win this chair battle. I do wanna make sure. So with that said, here are a few pics I've picked up along the way of some De vine Dining.

Love this Orange Chandelier with those gorgeous upholstered chairs.

Love the Chunky Table with different chairs

Love these chairs. Like really LOVE them. :) I also think I would get this type of light fixture

Loving these contemporary metal chairs w/ this round table.

Aw. Another cute chunky table.

Pics via MadebyGirl, Marie Claire Maison, Elle Interior, Canadian House, Unknown and Restoration Hardware.

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