Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Colorful Living Room Via Lonny

Painter Mary Nelson Sinclair's Manhattan apartment abounds with ever-expanding collections of art and vintage finds. Do you have a favorite thing in this room? Because I LOVE IT ALL!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrity Kitchens | Elle Decor

Keri Russell's Kitchen (just pretty dark woods)

Ellen Pompeo's Kitchen (Lovely flooring)

Hillary Swank's Kitchen (clean lines)

Megan Mullally's Kitchen

Cortney Cox's Kitchen (bar stool envy)

Meg Ryan's Kitchen (If I had to choose just 1. This is my FAV. Mainly because of the architectural details. Floors, windows, ceilings. Just Lovely)

Do you have a favorite? Could you choose just one?

We are pouring more concrete counters today. Then It takes a week to cure. Then we can install. Then we have one last piece to pour and another week to cure. Then we still have to get someone to custom make 2 cabinet doors for under the new sink. Then we are DONE. Phew. Is this not a project in a half of what?! Hang in there (said more for me not you). Pics are sure to follow. ;)

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite PINS of the Week!

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The Hubby is finally home again from his travels. So hopefully we can get more Progress done on this Kitchen Remodel. TRUST ME I am anxious to get pics out too. It is coming together so beautifully. I can't wait to share!!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Client Mini Makeover | Before and After

This is really one of my ALL Time favorite things to do as a Designer. Take any room and make it better with ONLY using the things you have. To Style it basically, Nothing Purchased.  Really it is so much fun! I love the instant gratification you get from it. Don't get me wrong I am always down to buy new things for a space but when you can't purchase or just want your newly purchased items to work but they just aren't. That's What I Love to style!

Client- Is Thru and Thru Contemporary all the way. Loves Black, Gray and Red!

So Rearranging Furniture for a better layout and removing bulky couches was key.
Check it. Bad Layout with Red chair blocking fireplace.

BEFORE (Room 1 Living)

BEFORE (Room 1 Living)

AFTER (Living)

BEFORE (Sitting Room 2)
Again better furniture placement to open up the room.

AFTER (with the new zebra chairs she wanted to incorporate)

Better Flow and much more open feel to the spaces. She's Happy and So am I!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shopping Around Town | Trash to Treasure

Well the Hubby is out of town and while my parents are still living with us. My Mom and I decided to get a babysitter and GO SHOPPING! Window shopping that is. ;) Even though I didn't buy anything today. I might be going back after writing this post. :)

First stop was to Caitlin Creer's Designer Sale in SLC. All great stuff but nothing I really needed to spend money on ya know. But I will say her studio space is soooo Pretty!

Next up. Antique shopping.So we went to a few in SLC which were all right but NOTHING compares to this one. Nook and Cranny located in Lehi, UT. Every time I go there I find stuff. Plus you can bargain with him there. It's awesome! So if you live in UT. Go check it out.

$40 cool blue trunk

$100 scale

$15 Ratton Chair (Remind you of anything?? Well I was jumping up and down thinking of ...)

THIS CHAIR at Serena and Lily for $300

Am I the only one Dying right now?? My mom thought I was funny and my Sister thought I was blind thinking it was UGLY. Anyone with me on this one?? Anyone?? Honestly, If there were 2 of them I would of taken them home for my deck. But 1 I just wasn't sure what I would do with it. Maybe, resell it and Make some money. Hmmm, very tempting ;)

2 Awesome Pendants Lights $15 ( I wish I had a space for these bad boys)

$12 Bird prints. I don't know, I thought they were kinda cool.

This one didn't have a sticker and I didn't ask but Oh sooo pretty to look at.

$45 for cool glass jug

Fan- Can't remember price

Black clock $30

Globes galore. Also don't think I looked at price.

Milk Glass was everywhere.

$20 for the pair. I might go back for these awesome bookends!


$15 for cool jar and all the old wind-up toys in it.

I was thinking something like these jars in my head.

$40 old crate

So tell me. DO you Love to Treasure Shop like me?? It is SO Thrilling about finding someones trash and making it your TREASURE.