Saturday, May 1, 2010

Open Kitchen

I love this kitchen!! I love the dark floors and stainless steel everything, with the natural baskets added in to make it soft and just LOVELY!! Love it!

image via Desire to Inspire.

P.S. I just need to vent a little cuz you guys will understand my dilemma.

I found those metal chairs that I LOVE on KSL yesterday. 6 for $500. Can you believe?? I wanted to die. They are normally $200/chair. I wish so bad I had $500 to spend on those chairs. Chairs I want so bad in my someday dining room. So that night I went to show my husband and of course they were gone. So sad, right? I can't stop thinking about my chairs. MMMmmm, Someday. Probably not again for $500, but someday. Dang it. :) I could of even sold them and made money! Ugh. Those darn chairs will haunt me forever.

Just in case you forgot what they look like. :)

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  1. SO sad...sorry Megs! That really is devastating.