Friday, January 7, 2011

PROJECT: Design on a Dime Living Room


This year I am going to save about $50 every 2 weeks and purchase one at a time these 5 items. (the wall decor, pillows and lamp I already have now)

Couch is ALICE LANE $2630 ( I know big price tag which may mean, Needing a cheaper couch)

CSN Rugs Gray Fallon 5X8 $345 plus Free Shipping

Crate and Barrel  Spool Accent Table $200

JHG Chair $550 on Sale

Home Decorators Coffee Table $300

It might be a little tough trying to purchase the couch (I am just in love with it and having a hard time finding a replacement one). So for now I am focusing on the rug, accent table, and coffee table. So if my plan is effective I will be sporting a new Grey Fallon Rug in my Living Room this Feb. Wish me luck and Stay Tuned...


  1. I love gray so much! Love the rug and the coffee table. The couch is really cool too but daaaaangg it is expensive!

  2. Nice choices! I have a CSN giveaway if you want some $$ towards that rug.... x

  3. Megan, I love it!!!! You are so great at pulling things together. You still need to come over and see how you saved my living room!!!