Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My NEW Dining Room Table and Chairs

My chairs have FINALLY arrived after over a month of waiting. But well worth the wait!! I love them. I ordered these chairs directly from China and got a steal of a deal on them. Contact me via email if you are interested in Pricing on these chairs. The color on these chairs are Gunmetal. They did have a variety of colors to choose from though.  (My email...

My Awesome, Amazing, Hot, Husband built our Table. He mimicked the table from RH with pine wood and 4 different kinds of stain/sanding. A lot of sanding actually to get it to look this color. But again I couldn't be more happy with it's color and the way it turned out. We are still working on the legs. I still want them to have that fat chunky belly to them but it's a work in progress. :) Total Table cost $350 compared to RH $3000.


  1. This looks so awesome Megan! Lizzie's looking for chairs for her new kitchen nook. Holy cow, you should see her new house. You'd have a field day with it. I'm certainly curious how much you got those chairs for. They look just like Crate and Barrel right? Beautiful.

  2. FOR RIZZLE!!?!! Dude, can your totally Awesome, Amazing, Hot husband build me some gorgeous furniture!! So jealous! Absolutely beautiful!