Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Build or Not To Build?

This is the floor plan/house we are trying to build. We found a lot we Love but I still have some doubts about building a new home. For instance I want certain upgrades. Are they going to put me over my budget? Plus all the expensive unexpected costs like a rock wall so we don't fall off the mountain :)

Decisions, Decisions. But I do love this floor plan. BETTER then any other house we looked at that has already been built. PLUS it is my favorite Craftsman style, Cape Cod looking house I have always wanted and LOVE. (They just don't have that many here in Utah, specifically where I want to live in Utah (in my price range))

But, on the flip side... if I were to buy an already existing home, It would be cheaper, BUT I too would want upgrades and that would have to come out of pocket. Not wrapped up in a pretty loan like a new house. And have a Honey Do list that was really, really long and probably really stressful for the hubby. ;) (Just cuz my hubby is truly talented and amazing, he can do and build anything, Seriously!)

Sorry, to vent! Most likely we will go through with this new build and I will love it. I am just scared. Really, Really Scared! Anyone else out there feel this way?? Or is it just me?

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  1. How funny. Colby and I loved this house for the same reasons and felt the same way about building new. I love the outside of it. And the inside. :)