Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have ALWAYS had a thing for Old Suitcases... Stacked!

I stopped into a local Consignment store to check out this really cool, Jaws Shark Head, they had sitting outside to Lure people in. (It worked, it was so cool) It being $400  though, I had to look around at other things that maybe I could afford to buy. Well I found some really cool suitcases but, didn't want the price tag either. So showing some interest in them and then starting to leave, the lady says, "I will give all 3 to ya for $50 tax and all." Well to say the least. SOLD! I love my new stacking suitcases! Pics will come but for now here are some inspiration pics to hold you over.

P.S. We move this weekend, hopefully! YAY! We should close on our house this Friday. So excited, Busy but exciting!! :)

Via Willows Home and Garden, My camera, and A lifes Design


  1. Hey cutie! Where are you these days? Hope life is treating you well. I can't keep track of you as you seem to be having a new adventure or baby and I'm slow and far behind. Love your style and miss your face.

  2. Gorgeous!! Gotta love vintage suitcases :)