Monday, November 7, 2011

Mudroom Progress and a Sneak Peak!

Here is the BEFORE of the office. The brown door leads out to our garage and around the corner, are steps that lead to the kitchen. We actually have 2 stair ways to go up or down. (It's awesome) So we thought it was a perfect spot for a Mudroom!

First step. Dry wall and a Door. (It was Jim's idea to put in the window above the door so we don't loose all that natural light from our big window. Best Idea Ever)

Step 2. Staining the Concrete BLACK. Which I love but as you can see probably shouldn't of been the next step. ;) Oh well you live and learn, Right?!

Step 3. Building


I am in LOVE with my NEW MUDROOM. Jim (My, Oh So Talented Hubby) did such an amazing job. He is for Hire by the way. ;)

AND I also love the way my new Anthropologie hooks look with the stripes. Perfect match don't ya think?
BUT, We are not quite finished yet we have a LOT more painting and we still need to find the PERFECT Black Hook for the rest of it. I will be needing 10 hooks. So perfect I mean, price as well. :)It really is harder than you think, or maybe I'm just picky. Regardless it's on the to do list.


  1. A MAZE EENG!!!!! Wow!

  2. Aren't handy husbands the best? It really looks incredible, I am happy to have found your blog. I love the dark concrete with the contrasting white walls, the wood stack and the anthro hooks. I would love something like this for our make-shift mudroom!

  3. What? You did this? In your house? Utah is not anywhere near Massachusetts or I would have your husband over immediately!!! It's beautiful, Megan!! Love the board and batten, the transom window and that style of door. What a cool idea to paint the concrete black. I can't wait to see more of this amazing room!!

  4. Wow, the woodwork looks amazing! Your husband is really handy! Looking forward to see the complete design!


  5. Holy Hannah! That looks awesome! I love the way it turned out. You are a very lucky girl to be married to someone so talented. Tell Jim I said he is awesome.

  6. Gorgeous!! I want a mudroom! Someday when we move to UT, I am hiring you and Jim!! Love it. Seriously, love it!