Thursday, February 9, 2012

Styling- It's all in the Details!

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I love to see a bookshelf come to life, with some simple styling.

A few tips for styling your book shelf at home. (No set rules really, just a few tips) :)

-Your books don't always need to be upright, lay them down. I also (sometimes) like to take off the paper covers to show their true hard back colors.

-You also don't JUST have to have books only. I like to use frames, boxes, objects, vases, anything pretty really to display as well.

-I also like to do groupings with my books to make a statement and then try to balance it using something different on the other side.

-Paint the inside of your bookcase.

-Lastly, if it's not pretty. You don't like it. Take it off!

Basically, Have Fun with it. Anything goes! :)

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