Saturday, February 2, 2013

Living Room DIY Art Project

My Inspiration Art Work

When I first saw this picture, my eye caught that COOL geometric triangle art work on the wall. Image via Little Green Notebook. (One of my fave blogs to visit.)

So anyways,
Then I was thinking I wonder if I can make that?? So I tried it. Knowing it wouldn't cost much. So If I don't like it, no worries. Right?!


1.  Buying the foam poster board. ($2)
2. Cutting down to size with an exacto knife. (which I did a several times)
3. Use a pencil and ruler to trace your triangle shapes.
4. Use a Black sharpie and go over your line.
5. Then Frame it! No glass needed, cuz it's foam board. Just tape it down. (Luckily, I already had the old brown frame)

Easy Right! I love making things beautiful, Inexpensively!

 I really like the way it adds a little modern to the room.

What do you think of my new ART wall?

1 comment:

  1. I love your new art! Looks fabulous with all of your other wall decor. I also like how you stacked those colored suitcases next to the chairs.