Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful Kitchens

I always thought my dream kitchen would have white cabinets and black wood floors. I am now tempted to switch it up a little. :)

I still dream and love white cabinets. Just so light and clean looking. Here are some of my favorites of lately.

Because I am new at this I am starting to get peoples names who took these photos to give them credit. But these pics of these kitchens are courtesy of the design blogs located on the right. Sorry I don't know exactly who they belong too.


  1. I love the ladders in the kitchens. Such a fun idea. Love the barstools that look like screws and the distressed bar on like old boat wood. Super cute!

    Im excited for you new blog. It will be fun to get great decorating ideas. You have such amazing taste!

  2. I certainly have NOT gotten over the white cabinets yet--- I was so annoyed when we were looking at the models for this neighborhood and Trieste and they didn't offer them... and pretended it's because they weren't in. Look in any design magazine, crazy old Desert lady!
    I'm SO excited about this blog Megan... not really sure any photo of my house belongs here, but I'll certainly gather a few up for you... I'm so excited to see what you post here! And I'm so honored to see my pumpkins in your header for the season! Thanks for the copyright-- you're awesome!

  3. I love looking at pretty rooms!! If you like white on white decorating you must check out this blog
    She is amazing!!