Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Friend Lizzie

I love looking into other people's houses and seeing the way they decorate. Lizzie has such great taste and I love the clean lines of her house. Thanks Lizzie for letting us all take a sneak peak of your Gorgeous Palm Springs Home! (Just double click the image to make larger)

Lovin the GREEN!

I love the paint color and the round mirror over the fireplace.

This dining room is so inviting with all of its fall decor sitting on that beautiful chunky table. (Lizzie, I have been drooling over those lanterns forever. Jealous. :))

I love the handmade pillows. So cute!!

Thanks again Lizzie!! Can't wait to see the wallpaper, paint and new bedding when done. SMILE


  1. Wow!! Her house is amazing! How about you and Lizzie come and decorate my new mansion when I win the Lotto?!!

    Megan, I love that you started this blog. I love your design style! You are so talented and have such a good eye. Seriously, if I ever have money to hire someone to re-do my house, I know who I'll be calling!

  2. Wow! Straight up from a catalog. She has amazing style and organization. I love it when closets and drawers look so organized in a cute way. So much work. But it pays off.

  3. Hi! Oooh... can you ask her where she got the green candle holders on the fireplace, the adorable green kid table, and the green cabinet pictured w/ the flowers on top of it?! I'd love to hear where she got those. I have a couch and living room the same color as those but haven't known how to accesorize. These would be perfect!