Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Entryway/Gallery Wall

This weekend we added some potted boxwoods to the front porch. Which I love. I still want to either paint, our buy new Light fixtures (black) to tie in the color of the pots. As well as paint the front door most likely a Charcoal color. Ugh. Is anyone else out there tired of Painting??  Man, it is such a love/hate relationship.

My new etry rug from Wayfair.com

Finally have completed my Gallery wall. I am very happy with it as well as the effect when you first walk in. My frames are Aaron Bro., Ikea and Bed Bath and Beyond. Prints are DeVinci Sketches I printed off my computer, Pics my hubby brought me from Paris, and more Ikea pics. Gotta Love IKEA. :)

Now my entry is complete. Except the outside of course. I still need to paint. sigh.


  1. yes, i do love Ikea, especially their frames. We thankfully live close to ne, but even so last time I was there I got a stockpile of frames, you never know when you'll need/want one!


  2. Love your boxwoods and your entry rug, super cute! You did an excellent job with your gallery wall. Do you have any tips on how to make the frames stay put? I am always afraid to do a gallery wall because I feel like the frames will be crooked all the time.

  3. Love your new stylish rug and your gorgeous pendant light!


  4. Looks great.. love the rug!