Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MY New Ikea Sofa

 Now I have to admit that I was not willing to purchase an Ikea Sofa. We all know Ikea doesn't have the best quality furniture sometimes. But my husband, persistent as he is, was not willing to spend $5000 on a sectional. However, I did agree with him to an extend. I did want something to last through the years. With that said. We were in Ikea buying new frames to finish my gallery wall.  Anyways, we did stumble upon this new line called the Kivik Sofa Combination. It has a NEW fabric that is charcoal gray which we both liked. Also, this so called furniture line has a 10 year warrenty. Yes, that's right 10 years. So then it got me thinking, OK not bad. Like the color. Like the price. Like the lines.
Well to top it all off. The new color fabric, (the one we really like) the dark gray. (not on the website by the way) is completely removable & WASHABLE.
SOLD you get the slipcovered sofa I have always wanted with the look of an upholstered sofa Jim has always wanted.

So there you have it our new sofa from Ikea. I am totally in love with the massive size and comfort.

I want to add...

The square ottoman from West Elm.
and these pillows from Etsy.

This blue dot pillow. Was at Joss and Main for $40. Which I would of paid and gotten 2.  But while I was at Ikea. I found practically the same  pillow for $7. (the one pictured on the sofa)  I know I LOVE Ikea!!


  1. Fabulous sofa! Looking forward to see it with the pretty pillows and the stylish ottoman from West Elm.


  2. Love that ottoman! Great find at Ikea! I love that first pillow you showed.