Thursday, December 13, 2012

The BIG Kitchen Reveal!

 OK, So if you've been reading and waiting.  We finally were able to finish the kitchen doors. ( Still a few more things to do to them to bring them to perfection) But none the less, we put them on for all of our Christmas visitors. 

So without further ado. The much anticipated KITCHEN REVEAL.

So much brighter, right! I LOVE IT!

We added all new canned lighting and under mount lighting to brighten it up in here. 
We painted the cabinets White Dove by BM.


My husband made the Concrete Counters just by researching them online. (Amazing, Yes he is!)
Then we both did the Subway tile backsplash. 
(also,Yes I am very proud of that)

We Spray painted our Vintage 60's Ovens (Yes they still work) silver to match the rest of the appliances. We probably will redo those better in the future. They just don't make things like they used to.

This was the biggest splurge in the Kitchen $700.  The Farmhouse Sink.
 (which by the way was on the cheaper side. These bad boys are just expensive)

We added big chunky molding to the bulk head, over the cabinets to really make a statement.

Just a few Christmas Details in the Kitchen

Total cost on this renovation is estimated around $2700. give or take.

 By keeping all the existing cabinets and appliances. We (I really mean my Amazing DIY Superstar Husband) made the concrete counters and we DIY backsplash. Also, (husband) DIY installed all of the canned lighting. So yes, we were able to save a few pennies by doing it all ourselves. ;)

Was it worth it? Absolutely
Was it Hard? 100% Not easy. Honestly, most painting, plumbing, and electrical are JUST HARD!
Would I do it again? Not anytime soon. ;) But I do LOVE IT!!


  1. Looks great! The countertops look amazing. I may have to look into doing those myself. I have them in my kitchen but would like to add them to a bar in my basement. I also love the added crown moulding and great idea to paint the appliances! Big impact for not much money! Brilliant - keep up the good work!


  2. Wow! Stunning! Especially that after with your kitchen table and awesome chairs and cool lighting:) Can't believe he did the counter tops himself, that is impressive!!

  3. Absolutely ah-mazing!!! What a transformation! Thanks for sharing with us the price tag too. So can I ask...what would you estimate the cost of doing the counters yourself was? I have a friend considering DIY'ing her concrete counters. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous space.

  4. Megan! It looks awesome!!! I love it! You and Jim are super talented! Can't wait to see it in person...

  5. I really love what you have done, your kitchen looks so pretty and bright. So smart to think of doing the molding up top, gives the kitchen so much more of a custom look. You will love your concrete counters, we love ours. I wish we would have done a little more research on how to seal them time..So great that you did it all on such a budget, love it!

  6. Truly stunning! You guys are incredible! Way to go. It's fab!