Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Winter Accessories | Around the House

The hubby gave me a West Elm Gift Card for Christmas. One of the many presents. He spoiled me. ;)

I have always loved this guy but never really thought to buy him. Well with gift card in hand I purchased him. Even after bringing him home. I debated where to put him. After much consideration. I found the perfect spot. Over the Fireplace! Can you think of a better place? It just seemed so perfect. Now that he's up. I can't stop staring! I Love my Paper Mache Deer Head.

These cute little trees I picked up at Target. After Christmas Cleareance for $2. I was so stoked when I got them. Knowing they would be so perfect for my kitchen window. Again, I still stop and stare. Steal of a Deal!

New Gourds I got from West Elm (in-store) on Clearance for $6. It ties in the Orange suitcase well.  I put them on top of the bookshelf to display.

 Jim's family had there Family History made into a Book for Christmas. Yes I said it. A Book. It is so awesome and so interesting I had to put it out.

And Lastly, My cinnamon pine cones My hubby picked up at Christmas, were reused as a centerpiece for my table. Plus they still smell good.

Have you purchased any new accessories for Winter?

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  1. I kid you not...that is EXACTLY the same rock we had on our fireplace. I kept looking at it thinking it was mine! Love the deer...I've been wanting it for a long time. Looks fantastic!