Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lovely Gold Accents

I have really been drawn to GOLD lately! But after viewing these images, can you blame me?? 
Are you a fan of Gold like me?  Do you design your rooms with Gold Accents? 
Or do you think it is just a trend that will fade?

Kitchen Image

 Flatware from West Elm


Frames Image

 Image of Lamp

Image of Kids Room

 Image Of Sconce


Image from West Elm


1 comment:

  1. Megan, Interior design and Fashion are always "trending" ideas that have been popular before. In the case of brass (or gold tones) it was very on trend in the 70's in both interiors and fashion (many brass bangles on one wrist for example).

    Sometimes these trends come and go several times throughout a life time and others take a generation or more to come back in style.

    The fun part is seeing how designers can take something old and gives it a fresh new look or purpose. Like your photo above of the gilt mirror (traditional style) over the ornately carved antique chest of drawers painted cobalt blue (new look!).

    So great to find you today - via an image you've used in a post for mixing wood tones in one room (it's on Google Images) and it linked back to your post.