Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adding Architechtural Detail

It's all in the Details! Truly. I painted my Master Bedroom "Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee" (The best white. In my opinion. I Love it!) By adding all the Architectural Trim, Now it just pops. Don't you think?

$30 DIY Antler Wreath (Super Easy)

I want to show you more of this room. But I can't! I know it pains me. I want to show it all, but it's not finished yet. My Antique Lamps need shades. ugh. AND I need some art work to list a few. It's a work in progress what can I say. But my moldings are up. WOOO HOOO!

BIG thanks to the Hubby! You Rock!

 DIY Antler Wreath
 But I did want to show off my DIY Wreath I made for $30. I picked through a box of broken antlers at this antique store and got them all for $20. Then $10 in Spray Paint (took 2 cans of white). But I must say if you do this too. Use a glue gun to glue the pieces together not just wire. I learned that the hard way. :)

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  1. we had a few deer horns when we moved in to our place left from the previous owner. I was stupid enough to throw it away one day. :(