Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice Lane Home Collections

Located in Orem.

I have been dying to visit this store ever since seeing Alice Lane decor on House of Turquoise. Photographed by Ashlee Raubach.

Like this room I LOVE...

So I did it. I drove down there today with my husband and snapped a few pictures and met the owners Jessica and her husband. They were so cute! I felt like I was meeting movie stars since I have been drooling after everything in there store for days. My daughter Brooklyn was holding my camera and took this picture of Jessica when we were talking. :)

A movie star, Right? SMILE

It truly is a dream come true for them. Selling there house on Alice Lane and opening there design decor store named after it. Such a COOL Story & Store. You have to go check it out here.

Rug Heaven! No Joke.

I will take a few of those suitcases, and one globe to go!

Along with that super awesome BENCH!

I really want those pillows. :)

And that map!

And some grey bedding, Please!

Oh and one more thing. That table!!

Oh I will be back someday and will make some big design purchases. Oh Someday!!

Also Go check out the new Alice Lane Blog.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to go down there. It's truly a magical place. Jesi and Adam are so amazing and nice . Glad you got to meet them!