Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brilliant DIY Projects, Why didn't I think of that??

Talk about getting your creative juices flowing. I love these 2 transformations. From Ugly to Fabulous. Take a look.


The ultimate How To Blog. for sure.Mrs. Devore Check out all her fun Decor from Goodwill.


Make your own entryway, mail,key station over at Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone. By using an antique table painted white, as well as some cheap Target frames painted white, and going to Lowes and finding a radiator cover for backing. Genius.

Do you have any fun DIY projects?? I have a DIY itch bad right now, as I am searching KSL. SMILE


  1. So Cool! I love how silver spray paint can really transform things.

  2. I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!!xxx Gypsy Purple

  3. Love this idea! May have to try it!

  4. Darn it we just got rid of an ugly hanging lamp exactly like that : ( I so could have done that!