Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Fav Thus Far!

Click Image to Enlarge.

I know I know. It is just a dream design board but none the less it is my favorite one thus far!! Jim laughs at me when I do this but, I just look at it as a dream. Obviously, we need a job w/ income first! :) But this is it. I want to slipcover my existing couch white eventually. Then add everything else!! Don't you just love the map. It is pretty big too. It would cover a good chunck of wall like this...

As for curtains, I would do one of the fabrics I chose from Windsor Smith.
I am estimating it will be about $5000 to makeover. Not bad for a Family Room, Right?

So what do you think? Be honest? Is it your fav too?? :)


  1. It is WAY cute! But $5000 is too much. You can find things cheaper and get the same effect. You can splurge on the framed map, alice lane pillows, glass jar, and buffet. But the furniture and paint you can find cheaper. You need to be able to help make things a reality dont just dream. :) Your style is way to good to just blog about it and make design boards. As my boy Heath Ledger said "You can change your stars" Love you Meg! You really are talented.

  2. I agree with Becky! You are awesome. Watch that show Splurge and Save on HGTV, it is exactly what Becky was just saying. I saw it today it was kind of fun. Love ya.