Thursday, September 22, 2011

Entryway Progress, My new Blake Pendant!



My Night Picture. I love the way it makes a design on the ceiling. :)

Black Gallery Frames: I already had from various stores. I filled them with Paris Post Cards (my hubby brought back from his business trip there) and De Vinci Sketches I printed off the computer.

The Blake Pendant is from Alice Lane. $625 ( normally $700 cuz I priced matched it with the one from CSN lighting. :)
I ordered an entyway rug also from Alice Lane but they sent me a brown one instead of the black graphic one I ordered. Such a bummer! But I will post that when it comes in the next 2 weeks.

Paint color: Driftwood Gray from Martha Stewart.

I still want to paint the orange on the railing black as well as the doors. But for now we are all painted out. :)

So tell me what do you think? Are you in Love with it as much as ME? It's fun to see things coming together that I have had in my head for so long. Seriously, forever ;)


  1. I love it Megan!! YOU are so talented!

  2. WOW!! It looks really good. Love that it's called Blake pendant. I was half sure I was going to see a picture of YOUR blake hanging from the ceiling. :) Seriously looks good!! And so cool to have a touch of Paris.

  3. Its gorgeous, Megan!! Love the paint and the black frame gallery too. Urghhh, I'm so jealous...I have been dying to change out our foyer chandelier for some kind of lantern for forever!!

  4. Megan! Everything is looking so great! How exciting to have your own home and be able to start all these projects you've hoarded in your mind. I love to check in and see the new improvements!