Friday, September 16, 2011

More Living Room Plans

It is so nice to finally have stuff come together in this room. Right now I am in the process of having this painting made for me to hang above the couch. Also with some new throw pillows and WHA LA! ( eventually I will buy some new furniture for this room) It's a slow process, what can I say :)

SO now on to pillows. #1


or #3??

I just loved this painting from the July/August Lonny Issue. (This is where I pulled my inspiration for the room)


  1. Definitely #3. Like the contrast of colors in the pillows. But the painting seems so scary and harsh to doesnt fit with your crisp clean style. Just my opinion...but Im sure what ever you do will look AMAZING! I always love the finished product :)

  2. looks good!! what do you use to change the picture like that?