Monday, September 26, 2011

Its all in the Little Things

I came across THIS article I just had to share. It compares Hobby Lobby decorative knobs to the expensive, but ever so lovely, Anthropolie decorative knobs.

and if you hurry into Hobby Lobby they are having an extra 40% off their knobs. I got mine for a $1.50! Cuz they all tend to run about $3.00 (so cheap for such a dramatic difference to furniture)

I got the left bottom corner, white ones (in the picture above) to lighten up the coffee table a bit. I also hung my magazine shelf's.

Also, last week we changed out the kitchen faucet.
BEFORE (OLD nasty faucet)

AFTER (Free faucet that was in the basement kitchen, we tore out)

I love those little changes you make in a room!

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  1. What the... why didn't the original owners put that one upstairs and the old one downstairs?? Either way girl, I like it!!!!