Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrity Kitchens | Elle Decor

Keri Russell's Kitchen (just pretty dark woods)

Ellen Pompeo's Kitchen (Lovely flooring)

Hillary Swank's Kitchen (clean lines)

Megan Mullally's Kitchen

Cortney Cox's Kitchen (bar stool envy)

Meg Ryan's Kitchen (If I had to choose just 1. This is my FAV. Mainly because of the architectural details. Floors, windows, ceilings. Just Lovely)

Do you have a favorite? Could you choose just one?

We are pouring more concrete counters today. Then It takes a week to cure. Then we can install. Then we have one last piece to pour and another week to cure. Then we still have to get someone to custom make 2 cabinet doors for under the new sink. Then we are DONE. Phew. Is this not a project in a half of what?! Hang in there (said more for me not you). Pics are sure to follow. ;)

Happy Monday!

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