Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Client Mini Makeover | Before and After

This is really one of my ALL Time favorite things to do as a Designer. Take any room and make it better with ONLY using the things you have. To Style it basically, Nothing Purchased.  Really it is so much fun! I love the instant gratification you get from it. Don't get me wrong I am always down to buy new things for a space but when you can't purchase or just want your newly purchased items to work but they just aren't. That's What I Love to style!

Client- Is Thru and Thru Contemporary all the way. Loves Black, Gray and Red!

So Rearranging Furniture for a better layout and removing bulky couches was key.
Check it. Bad Layout with Red chair blocking fireplace.

BEFORE (Room 1 Living)

BEFORE (Room 1 Living)

AFTER (Living)

BEFORE (Sitting Room 2)
Again better furniture placement to open up the room.

AFTER (with the new zebra chairs she wanted to incorporate)

Better Flow and much more open feel to the spaces. She's Happy and So am I!

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  1. The after looks so much better already! You did a great job!