Monday, October 8, 2012

Martha Stewart Inspiring | DIY Halloween Decor

 This was my Inspiration for my Front Entry. Thanks to Martha Stewart


Here it is. After a trip to Hobby Lobby I spent $5 for the supplies with my coupon. ( I already had the Beware of Bats sign and Sticks)

OK I know it's now much. But this is my NEWly trimmed out, Kitchen Window. As you know, We are currently still working out the final touches in the Kitchen.  I didn't want to show you too much. This way you can get the FULL affect when its time for the Big Kitchen Reveal. It is soooo pretty! Can't wait to show you more pics.


P.S. When the Hubby saw all this decor, all he said was... H A R R Y   P O T T E R.
I take that as a Halloween at it's best, Compliment ;)

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  1. Can't wait to see it! With Jim's skill and your vision it's sure to be amazing!