Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Before & After | 70's Double Ovens Spraypainted


As I promised. Here are the after pics of my True Vintage 70's Double Ovens. ( Hey, they still work perfectly) We used Rustoleoum (sp) dark Silver. I say dark cuz they did have a lighter silver but we did the darker one. Also, I think we got it at Lowes.

What do you think? Not to bad, huh!? Even though it was a cheap fix. I love how they blend into the kitchen now, rather then stand out screaming... I AM OLD and UGLY. Now I can say they are PRETTY!!

What we did exactly.
  • Removed the metal panel covers.

  • If you look... You can see we took off the dark brown paneling. Then sanded the metal a bit to rough it up.

  • Sprayed I think 3 coats of paint. (Let dry for 3 days at a time. Then placed it in the sun to help cure faster, since it's metal.)

  • Then changed out the hard ware. (Ikea Pulls) It's not my dream kitchen so I didn't splurge on the hardware.