Monday, March 25, 2013

Paris Trip | Inspiration

We made it to Paris Safe and Sound. But the weather wasn't very nice! It was sooo cold and not only cold but Snowy, Bitter Cold. Truly being from Utah we take the snow, no problem. Well France, Not so much. The whole country shut down. I am assuming the reason why they don't use salt is because the streets and sidewalks are made of either granite or marble. No joke. It is so crazy yet so beautiful to see. So with that said... This is why I LOVE PARIS!!

The Architecture

Me and the Hubby

Old Museums with so much COOL History

Le Grand Hotel (where we stayed)

See Snowing!

the pretty Lobby

I loved this Art in our room.


(There were so many people around the Mona Lisa, that this is truly a "point and click" over
 head picture of her)

Van Gogh Portrait


The Eiffel Tower

The view from Up Top. We had dinner there at the top restaurant. It was very cool!

The Lock Bridge

Our Lock of LOVE

Me throwing the Key in the river

the Opera House- our hotel was around the block.

The Pastries and Chocolate- TO DIE FOR GOOD!!

The Charm

I loved all of the Bistro Chairs

Anyone else out there LOVE Paris?


  1. I do! I love paris and can't wait to go back. I'm glad you had fun despite the cold weather. Bummer! But I've never seen Paris covered in snow. so maybe you're lucky!

  2. So amazing Meg. Sorry for the cold!! One thing we have going for us in Utah too is that the cold usually isn't bitter (except for January this year!!). I love, love, love that first picture under "charm". So pretty!! Inspirational actually. I also love the wallpaper in your hotel room. Looks like that hotel was amazing! And the food. And the art. And...

  3. I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go and seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more. What a cool experience, I would have noticed all the same things you did:)