Friday, March 22, 2013

Coopenhagen, Denmark | Danish Antiques

I was really lucky to have tagged along with the hubby to Europe this past week. We went to Paris and I loved that place too. But I fell in love with Coopenhagen Denmark. Here's why!

The Bikes 

(If I had to say one word to describe Denmark I think "Bike" would be it. They are everywhere cuz it's really expensive to get a drivers license and drive here.  Plus it makes everyone physical fit there. 
Which I think is cool.)

The Colors

The Sights

(This is inside the courtyard of the palace where the Queen actually lives. View of the Cathedral)

 (Historic Museum at Fredericksborg Castle in Hillerod, Denmark)

 They had different wood floors in every room. It was so Cool!

The Homes

(on our tour, we were told the average beach front property costs between $6-8 million dollars.)


Yes that water is frozen. It was so cold the whole time we were in Europe. Not the best season to be walking around. ;)

 (the Ugly Duckling ringing a bell. Denmark is proud to call home to the famous Hans Christian Anderson)

Driving along the coast. On a clear day you can see Sweden. It's a mile off the coast and a 20 min boat ride.

Beautiful Antiques
I was dying not only were they expensive. (everything in Europe is expensive) But I would of had to pay for mega shipping costs. Such a bummer. If only I was a millionaire. ;)

And last but not least. The FOOD and THE PEOPLE are amazing. I had the best Veggie sandwich at this little cafe. There breads and cheese are to dye for. The people are all so friendly. Plus they all know English very well! They start learning English in the 3rd grade. So cool!

Has anyone else been to Denmark and fell in love with it?


  1. I wanted every single thing I saw in those pictures you took! LOVE IT! BTW, love your stainless steel sprayed appliances. Amazing transformations!

  2. Never been to Denmark but it looks like it just hit my list of places I need to go! I want more color in my house. Love all those colors too! I think it's funny that there was a SPORTS sign (in English) in a foreign antique shop. Different right? I am SO grateful other countries know English. It sure does make it easier to travel across seas. I really, really want to see you! When can we all do a lunch soon?

  3. I think me and my family need to move to Europe for a few years. Looks so beautiful!