Friday, March 1, 2013

Painting Appliances

A bit of inspiration, while at the moment my ( 70's ) double oven doors are drying! Eventually I will replace my ovens but, for now they still work great! So why replace it, right? My husband did say, "Europe or New Double Ovens? Hmm... Definitely, Europe! We leave in like 1 week. Woo Hoo!! So even though they are not new double ovens. They are getting a $15 face lift with new paint and hardware.

Have you ever saved money on your appliances with just Paint?? Even though it saves you money. I wouldn't do it to ALL the appliances in a kitchen. Just one to hide it, basically.

Here are a few people that I think succeeded in saving a dime!





 I love that they painted black to match the cabinet color.

Love chalkboard paint on a fridge! I want to do this to my garage fridge. ;)

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  1. Will you post a tutorial of how to? I want to paint my washer/dryer! Does it chip easily?